Prevent burn out,
restore, and transform

executive membership

“For leaders, it isn’t about joining. It’s about becoming.”

– Shot Ventures

The ultimate health & wellness membership
for Male or Female CEOs

Our Executive Membership covers all stages of wellbeing. No matter the state of your life, or what you have endured in terms of life pressures, traumatic experiences, or adverse health conditions, the membership is designed to captivate and grow with your executive lifestyle.

By joining our membership, executives commit to increase your awareness and promote individual change. This transformation benefits all social relationships, including those with spouses and family. As a result, performance increases and corporate confidence does too.

All Executive Memberships Include:

  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • 6-Month or 1-Year Plans
  • Premier Health & Wellness Retreats
  • Pre-Retreat and Post-Retreat Benefits
  • Individualized One-on-One Coaching
  • Full Health & Wellness Profiling
  • Dedicated Concierge Check-Ups to Keep You on Track
  • Wellness Education for CEO and Executive Lifestyles
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Special Event Access
  • 25% Discount to add spouse!

You’re Invited.

Join other executives and shift the way you think about self-care and what it means to your longevity, happiness, your family, and your career. Select your Executive Membership to gain access to biannual 1-day retreats or level-up for more intensive 3-day and 5 day retreats.

Spouses Welcome! Sign up for the Executive Membership and receive 25% off spouse registration.

Retreat focus topics include:

Physical Health Nutrition Rest & Recovery  Emotional, Mental, and Stress Management Marriage, Family and Social Relationships And More…

On the go?

This membership goes with you

Executives benefit from leading coaches that understand the impact of high stress work. Members get access to both coaches and concierges to help schedule, plan, and continue health and wellness activities.

Health & Wellness Coaching With:

Online Intake Live Coaching Monthly Check-Ins